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Map Talk Interpersonal Speaking Assessment

Hey y'all,

Just popping in real quick to share a little peek into how I've been doing interpersonal speaking "assessments" lately. This is an example of a level 3 Honors kid doing a little one-on-one convo after we'd done a Map Talk on la République Centrafricaine.

I'm a firm believer in assessment being no more than an opportunity to communicate progress. I have absolutely no interest in ranking, or in bell curves, or any bullshit like that. If I can avoid attaching numbers to the feedback, I do.

I do everything in my power to take stress off the table by making it clear that I just want the chance to give them some individualized feedback about what they do well and some ways they can step their game up. I am crystal clear about assessment never looking different from formative activities. So here I just asked questions as I do during our Map Talks. I was a bit more open-ended with it during these conversations, just trying to invite them to expand a bit more than they do with choral responses and all that, but honestly, not much.

This class has a target proficiency level of Intermediate Mid, which feels high, but they're really doing their thing!

Anyway, check it out!

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