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Next Up for AfroFranco Book Club?

Today's discussion was truly a dream come true for me. I cannot offer enough thanks to all who participated. And I know that there were just as many who read (or want to read) La Rue Cases-Nègres, but who weren't able to join our Google Meet today, and I'm just as grateful to you all. Please feel free still to dive into the discussion in the forum!

For our next read, I've narrowed it down to three choices. But! I would really like your input. Keep in mind that A.) I have every intention of keeping these discussions going, and B.) I've already begun to get many suggestions for additional readings from the generous and dedicated folks in the networks, so we are by no means forever limited to these.

Thanks for taking a second to provide some guidance!

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Erin Simmeth
Erin Simmeth
03. Juli 2021

All three are great choices, so it was difficult to pick! I would be happy to go with any of these titles.

Gefällt mir
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