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MadLibs Mini Stories

Hey family,

My kids have been loving this activity. Especially when I’m clear about how they are to get reps in “asking and answering a variety of questions.”

Creating a mini-story script, and then picking out random elements of the script that you can turn into a MadLibs style thing so each kid has their own answers to those particular details, then you have them try to find who they have the most in common with and boom! Everybody is actively engaged in a class-wide info gap activity.

Plus, like I mentioned, I throw in curveballs like having them pick a random date, which, depending on where that date is relative to the current day, will determine if they have to speak in the last, present, or future. For example, this class is doing a unit on marriage and wedding traditions, so part of the mini-story is about your wedding date. If the date they chose is before today, they already got married. If it’s after today, they are going to get married. It’s a little detail but it goes a long way!

Then you can do all the extension activities, like a write & discuss, compare and contrast, all that.

Anyway, give it a shot soon and lemme know how it goes!

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