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CI Meets Current Events FREEBIE

Hey y'all, Happy Friday!

I just wanted to share this activity I put together and see if it can help anybody.

I really like having my students work with current events. I have them present on them pretty regularly. I found this article the other day that felt perfectly appropriate for many of my classes, and I was thinking of some ways I could scaffold up to it, and make it I turned it into a Running Dictation!

It was an absolute hit! My students loved it. I was able to stretch it out over several days with all rich, authentic communication across all modes.

Here is a link to the lesson plan. I hope it helps someone!

I figured I didn't wanna put this up for sale, but I would humbly offer the opportunity to drop something in the virtual tip jar if you feel so inclined.

Merci et bon vendredi!


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