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CI Meets #Authres + FREEBIE

I wanted to share a little tactic I've been playing with lately... see if it works for y'all

So throughout my units, I have students take these little True/False quizzes on stories or scripts we've been working on where they have to rewrite the "false" statements so that they are true. It takes a few weeks for them to catch on that every single statement is false, but they still love it and they're getting some real quality exposure while also fostering some higher-order thinking.


I have started incorporating the same practice, but using authentic resources. I create a True/False quiz in super comprehensible language about the main idea and supporting details of the source. They have to correct the false statements based on what they read/hear.

It has been an absolute hit with my students, as it's a hard-fought, but accessible win for them, and they feel super prepared/equipped to accomplish that task.

Throughout the formative parts of our units, we explore authentic resources together, and I walk them through a very deliberate process of reading the comprehension questions first, then watching the video, then re-reading the comprehension questions again, then rewatching the video to answer the questions, then going over the questions and answers together. THEN, I actually give them another set of questions based on the same video to answer on their own. So they're getting a ton of exposure to the authentic source AND to the comprehensible language of the questions, while also getting some really controlled and supported output.

So now when they do this summative task, they really have internalized the literacy strategy of reading the questions first to establish purpose for engaging with the text, which really promotes comprehension.

Anyway, here is a short little task I made based on an article about la musique Zouk that is linked in the document. Yes, there are probably grammatical mistakes that I've made in there...DEAL WITH IT! Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!



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Jenna Sinclair
Jenna Sinclair
Dec 13, 2022

Love this idea!


Megan Volz
Megan Volz
Dec 13, 2022

Neat! What level class do you have them doing the rewriting in?

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