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Would You Rather? | FREEBIE

Hey y'all,

Today is my first official day with students and we have a weird abbreviated schedule. As I was planning what I could do on this first day, I had my very dear friend ChatGPT come up with 180 "Would You Rather" questions that I could use throughout the year whenever the inspiration arises.

I've been using it today and it's a huge hit! Kids were at first a little shook to be thrown into 100% Target Language use on day 1, but once we got into it, they were all about it.

The key part that I absolutely love though, is throwing in random complications. For example, today I asked "would you rather fly or be invisible, and why?" They discussed with partners or small groups, then as they share out I said "but there's a complication. You can fly, but only 1 meter above the ground," or "you can become invisible, but you can't control/don't know when you will become visible again."

Kids are all about it. For "homework" I got them writing 3 sentences about their choice and why. I'm going to write up a few mini-stories using our fictional characters (another blog post for another day) and we'll go through all kinds of interpretive, interpersonal, and presentation tasks all around this one question.

AND! I can also just keep it simple and decide to leave it whenever I want. If the conversation isn't flowing, I drop it.

AND! Upper level classes are looking at more complex structures, like "if" clauses and all that. It's pretty easily adaptable to all proficiency levels.

AND! I made it in French and Spanish.

Sorry the document isn't super pretty, but feel free to use it, make a copy and adapt it.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all! Let's have a great year.


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