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On Deck for AfroFranco...

Checking in, hoping that this summer is finding teachers in a restful, rejuvenating place.

I wanted to keep you posted on a few cool things in the pipeline for AfroFranco.

  1. The AfroFranco Level 1 Curriculum is being worked on as we speak, and will be released...soon! I could not be more excited about sharing this work, and seeing how we can all do the work of sharing and valuing Black life and Black stories in our classrooms.

  2. Conferences, Conferences, Conferences! I had an incredible time working with the brilliant educators at the #CIReboot conference last week. This Tuesday, August 10 I'll be presenting again at the Third Annual Shipley School Conference, where I will be working with teachers to foster equity and belonging in the modern language classroom. Then there's the KSWLA Conference in late September where I will be presenting as well. So there is a lot to look forward to!

  3. AfroFranco Book Club is meeting next Friday, August 13th to discuss Une Si Longue Lettre. I cannot wait to connect with everybody to discuss this classic.

I think that about sums it up for now. As always, take care of yourselves and one another, and keep in touch!


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