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New Games Unit Drop 1/13/23!!!

Hey y'all,

Just a quick word to say I'm really excited to put out another thematic unit that I've been working on called Qui Veut Jouer? next month. I decided on the weekend of the 13th because my birthday is the 15th and I'm a child...

This thematic unit explores games and pastimes from the AfroFranco world!

There are Map Talks, and comprehensible scripts to describe the practices and products...there are all kinds of authentic resources you can use, an Integrated Performance Assessment, and some other really dope assessment tools.

I have had so much fun co-exploring this topic with my students over the last two years, and to be able to fine-tune it and put it all together in a way that I can share with some other teachers feels truly incredible.

So stay tuned, as I'll be talking about this a lot more over the next 40ish days!

As always, thanks for showing love and support. Wishing you all the strength necessary to get over this hump between holiday breaks.


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