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Musique Talk (?)

Here's a super short clip of a cool listening activity in our music unit. We've studied different styles of music that are from different parts of the AfroFrancophone world and the different instruments that are played in each one.

I thought this was a cool spin on the concept of a picture/movie talk, in that it is just audio prompts. I have been playing with the idea lately about having authentic sources for things like Movie Talks, but without necessarily relying on the students to interpret authentic language beyond their reach. The authentic audiovisual prompts are there to develop intercultural proficiency, while still allowing them to stay in bounds with the language.

The students really enjoyed it, as it quickly morphed into a competition.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

BTW, be sure to follow on Twitter and Instagram @AfroFranco2, where I'll be posting more resources and videos to come!


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