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Mayotte Map Talk Retell

Hey y'all,

Just wanted to take a second to share the work of a kid I couldn't be more proud of. For context, the only real homework that I give my students is to do a retell (or sometimes a rewrite) of whatever we did that day. When it's audio/video, I challenge them to only use some bulleted notes, as opposed to reading a script line for line. Either way, the aim is strictly to reinforce their skills and knowledge through a presentational task.

I don't really grade them (or even look at them all that often, to be honest), but I will check them out to give feedback. This year I'm also experimenting with kids using these as samples for a portfolio they'll have to present at the end of the year.

Anyway, here is a 10th grader's retell after we started a Map Talk on Mayotte. This kid has just absolutely blossomed this year, and has taken the proficiency-based thing, mixed with the content-based approach I have and just eaten it all up.


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