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Cool Little Vocab Game

Hey family,

Wanted to check in and share this dope, super low-prep game that I've been toying with (all puns intended...always).

If you follow on the socials, you may have seen it, but if not...

Basically I just project a list of all kinds of people, places, things, dates, etc from the unit. I go outside briefly while the students decide on which one of the terms I'll have to figure out. When I come back, I have to try and guess what term they chose for me in the fewest amount of tries, only using yes/no questions. Oh, and I can't try to guess the word on the first question.

I go twice, just to model how to ask questions, then we see if anyone can beat my low score.

I'm telling you, the kids love this game. No exaggeration, I've never had an activity run in a more self-sustaining way. Once they start, I just sit back and they run it.

I'd also say, the literacy specialist in me sees and hears them looking at deeper meaning behind the terms. They're categorizing as they come up with strategies on how to ask good questions that will eliminate a maximum of terms. Even more so when they're debating which term to give the guesser.

It truly was a hit with my kids and they have all said they can't wait to play again.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

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