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Book Club This Week!

Hey friends,

I absolutely could not be more thrilled about our next AfroFranco Book Club meeting coming up this Friday January 14, 2022 at 20h00 Eastern.

Here is a link to the Google Meet. Feel free to reach out if you have any issues connecting.


Some folks have reached out regarding receiving professional development credit from their schools/districts for participating in the Book Club. This makes me happier than I could even put in words.

As such, the AfroFranco Book Club will always remain free and open to all who wish to participate. But if you would like to receive a personalized certificate of completion for your time spent engaging in our Professional Learning Community and if you would like to show some love to support this labor of love, I have created this additional space where you can subscribe for $5.99 per month and accomplish all of the above!

Thanks to everyone for the amazing work that you do. Thank you for your commitment to building up our and our students' ability to connect to the people behind the language.

À vendredi!


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