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AfroFranco Book Club's Next Read Is...

The people, once again, have spoken. Far be it from me to go against the voice of democracy!

I am super excited to announce that our next read for AfroFranco Book Club shall be Petit Pays by Gaël Faye.

This book came recommended to me by a million different people, and I couldn't be more excited to dive in and get ready to discuss.

As I'd mentioned before, we are going to take some time before our next meeting (22 October), and probably leave plenty of room between meetings during the school year. BUT (!!!), as I've been seeing so far already, so many people have been keeping up with our readings even when they are not able to join in on the live discussions, and that makes my heart swell.

So let's keep reading! Let's keep building up our own intercultural proficiency so that we can begin to do that for our children.

Thanks, everybody. Bonne Lecture!

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