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Qui Veut Jouer | CI Thematic Unit

Qui Veut Jouer | CI Thematic Unit

Qui Veut Jouer? is an acquisition-based thematic unit that centers the cultural practices and products of Black and Brown people in the Francophone world. 


This collection of comprehensible story scripts and authentic sources will empower French teachers of all levels to foster linguistic proficiency growth while uplifting the voices of the Global Majority.



  • Story & Map Talk Scripts
  • Authentic videos & texts
  • Proficiency-Based Assessment Tools


How To Use This Resource:


The document is a collection of scripts, quizzes, videos, et cetera.


Simply take a look at the Unit Plan and use whatever resources are a good fit for your class!


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Keep in Touch!

  • Twitter/Insta: @AfroFranco2
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