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Michael Kurz
Michael Kurz

I was recently faced with the challenge of translating my design from Figma to WordPress. In search of an effective solution, I came across a detailed Figma to WordPress conversion guide on the GetDevDone website. This guide was a real lifesaver for me as I was new to this field and didn't know where to start. The first thing that impressed me was the clear structure and simplicity of presentation. All information is divided into stages, which allows you to go through the entire conversion process consistently and without unnecessary stress. The guide starts with the basics: why it's important to convert your design correctly, how to prepare a layout in Figma, and what tools you'll need to get the job done. The section on exporting layouts from Figma to HTML was especially useful. Here I found tips on using various plugins and tools that make this process much easier. Additionally, the authors explain in detail how to optimize images and use the right tags to improve SEO.


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