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Map Talk - La République Centrafricaine

Hey friends,

It's been a little bit! Just wanted to share a quick snippet of my 10th graders reviewing a Map Talk we'd done in the previous class on La République Centrafricaine. This is part of a unit in which we are discussing "L'Habitat," and, in this portion more specifically, how the Baka people of central Africa are being threatened by deforestation.

I've spoken quite a bit about the amount of depth you can get out of a Map Talk. Lately, I've really been leaning in to the different ways Map Talks allow for the contextualization of numbers. In this video, you can get a glimpse of that in action.

Otherwise, I hope you all stay in touch, as I've got some pretty cool things in the pipeline, including a few more thematic units (like On Aime La Musique), and plenty more Map Talk and other AfroFranco story scripts.

Also, check the TpT Store for 15% off all my products (including this new Central African Republic Map Talk Script) from 3/9 to 3/12!

So let's definitely stay connected!

Hoping all is well with y'all.


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