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CI Reboot

Fun fact: the first time I ever presented was in 2021 for the CI Reboot Conference.

I learned *so much* just from being able to connect with the other presenters and organizers. It's a phenomenally helpful conference, and I genuinely couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Whether you're brand new to the practice of Teaching with Comprehensible Input, or you're a veteran looking to get more tools in your toolbelt, there are just so many great folks to learn from.

I'm super excited to be a part of it again this summer. I'll be presenting and giving a demonstration of some of the stuff I do in my classroom.


I just found out that folks can get $10 off the registration with the link below!

So definitely check it out. I'm hype for that and so many other great things I get to be a part of as of late.

Keep in touch!


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