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Tour of "T'Habites Où, Toi?" Thematic Unit

Hey y'all,

Wishing everyone a lovely, rested, restored, refreshed start to the new school year.

So I've been trying for so long to record this video, and each time something would happen that would make me start over. But I think I finally got it!

Here's a little video of me walking you through all of the many features of my latest thematic unit T'Habites Où, Toi? in which we explore housing and what that might look like at home, in Central Africa and in Mayotte.

I make reference in the video to ACTFL Core Practices, World-Readiness Standards, 21st Century Skills Map, and Social Justice Standards. Here are the links for you to peruse on your own.

Thanks so much for all the love! Please be in touch and let me know how this is working for you in your classrooms!


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