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Map Talk RD Congo

Being 100% honest, I'm exhausted. This is a time of the year that is always a struggle. Add to it that we've been hybrid (I, personally, have been in the building) all year and I'm just about completely drained.

That said, it also happens to be a time when I can really see the benefits of a Comprehensible Input-based approach truly solidifying. We have done enough of these talks, with enough of the same language that the students genuinely aren't thinking about the linguistics at all at this point. They are able to focus entirely on the content, which, of course, is the goal. Hence the moment where a student accidentally says that Africa is a country and everyone flips out on him, Ha!

Today we had the chance to start exploring RD Congo. As always, we stay super dedicated to centering Africa and Black people within the Francophonie. In every Map Talk, we make sure to highlight that ¡history did NOT begin with the arrival and influence of Europeans!

Also, super dope is that I finally figured out how to record my screen and not have the computer overload trying to run that and Zoom. So you get a chance to see what I'm showing the students at the time.

We are still talking about La Musique in this class, so we will go from this to talking about la rumba zaïroise. Looking forward to sharing some of what we are able to do with that!

Anyway, enjoy! Please read, follow and SHARE!

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