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Map Talk : Le Sénégal

As part of a unit we are working on about La Musique, today we started an introductory exploration of Senegal in the form of a Map Talk. This is a level 3 class that began the year with an enormous range of proficiency/confidence levels. At this point in the year, I'm happy to say that everyone in the class is performing with confidence, as they've really taken to the curriculum and approach.

I love the Map Talks because they really give visual context that makes the input that much more comprehensible and compelling. We have established so much language through studying other places that it is truly effortless for the students to follow along when we study any new places.

Aside from what was captured in this video, we went on to discuss different ethnic and linguistic communities, religions, sports, and more topography found in this beautiful country. We will eventually take a deep dive into mbalax.

Anyhow, I hope this is helpful to someone! As always, please like/subscribe/share!

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