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FlipGrid Retells / Le Pagne Noir by Bernard Dadié

Not too long ago, I began having students do a daily retell on FlipGrid as their primary homework assignment and they absolutely love it.

They take really great notes throughout the class, as they each are assigned the role of Story Writer. I ask that they not be reading for the videos, and while most of them comply, truth be told, I don’t really mind if they cheat a little in that regard.

The videos are usually between 1.5 and 3 minutes, and it’s just a chance to practice speaking and get in some more repetitions.

This is a really talented 4 Honors class, who will move on to take AP with another teacher next year. This is them recapping our in-class summary/review of Bernard Dadié’s Le Pagne Noir.

I absolutely love working with folktales for several reasons. They are inherently narrative, and generally pretty short. Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that they offer such rich cultural insight. We have had a great many discussions comparing and contrasting cultural values as demonstrated in our folklore.

Highly recommended 👍🏽 Also, be sure to follow on Instagram @AfroFranco2

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