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CI Discussion - Les Chaldéens du Liban

It's been a minute since the last video share. Charge it to teaching in 2021!

Here is a snippet of a discussion my seniors had about this unique branch of catholicism that is found mostly in the Middle East.

I decided to do this unit on religion because I'm stubborn and refuse to accept that there's such a thing as a "difficult conversation." We've studied the religious representation here in our school, Vodoun in Benin and the Antilles, the Shiites in Lebanon, and now the Chaldéens. My students are such great people with such strong intercultural proficiency and I'm just grateful to be here for the ride.

Hope this helps push the work forward for somebody!

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1 Comment

Jennie Chao
Jennie Chao
Nov 11, 2021

Merci - franchement, j'en savais rien! C'était une discussion vraiment fascinante.

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