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Book Club this Friday 22 Oct 2021!!!

Hey friends,

Just a reminder that we will be holding our 3rd AfroFranco Book Club meeting this Friday, 22 October 2021 at 8PM Eastern to discuss Petit Pays de Gaël Faye.

I couldn't be more excited to link up with everybody. Please come, even if you haven't finished the book (full disclosure, I haven't finished it yet either. I'm hoping to be done by Friday though!)

Invite a friend, too! This time we will meet on Zoom as opposed to Google Meet. The updated link is in the attached Forum post.

Merci et à vendredi!

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1 Comment

Stephanie Kasten
Stephanie Kasten
Nov 02, 2021

David Diop is prolific! Here's a link to the article in Le Monde about his new book, "La Porte du voyage sans retour"

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