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AfroFranco Professional Development Opportunities

Couldn't be more thrilled to share some of the work I have been developing with fellow language teachers, departments, and schools!

Take a look at a few of the PD opportunities available:

AfroFranco Book Club PD

Our book club is a free and open learning community for any and all who want to participate.

If you are interested in supporting with a little drop in the collection plate for this labor of love, you can subscribe to the Book Club PD forum, which will provide you with a certificate of participation for each session that you can show to your school/department and potentially receive PD credits.


Coaching & Workshops

For teachers looking for individual help in cultivating the equitable and communicative space they aspire to:

This intensive, hands-on summer workshop will offer teachers of all languages concrete takeaways toward authentically hands-on classrooms and language programs:

For departments seeking actionable first steps toward applying DEI in Modern Language:

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