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What is European Handicap Betting? The Most Accurate European Handicap Betting Tips

European Handicap betting is one of the most popular types of bets among denmark football prediction enthusiasts today. However, some newcomers to sports betting still do not understand what European Handicap betting is and how it differs from the commonly seen Asian Handicap. Without grasping the basic information about European Handicap betting, placing bets on it can result in almost a 100% loss rate. In this article, I will explain what European Handicap betting is all about and analyze the differences between European Handicap and Asian Handicap betting. Through this article, you will gain more experience in placing the most accurate European Handicap bets to win in online football betting matches.

European Handicap Betting: Explained European Handicap, also known as 1×2 betting, is one of the most well-known football betting odds and is highly favored by professional football bettors due to its ease of understanding and simplicity in placing bets. You don't need to worry much about winning odds or goal numbers; you just need to choose one of the three odds that the bookmaker provides, as shown in the image below.

For this European Handicap, you will get high odds for unexpected game results, and its attractiveness lies in its straightforward gameplay. For example, if two teams have a significant difference in strength and you see an opportunity for the weaker team to win, the profit you can make may range from 5 to tens of times the initial capital invested. Since you don't have to focus much on the score but only on the win or loss outcome, European Handicap betting is considered suitable for beginners. However, to win, you also need to know how to read this type of odds and have betting skills.

Differences Between European Handicap and Asian Handicap The main difference between European Handicap and Asian Handicap lies in the form of betting and how the odds are set by online bookmakers. Therefore, the betting format and the odds between these two types of bets will not be the same.

In European Handicap betting, when players win, they will double the amount of their original stake as a reward.

So, what are the differences between European Handicap and Asian Handicap? I believe you now understand. With European Handicap, there are only three possible outcomes: Win, Draw, and Lose. But with Asian Handicap, there will be many types of handicap and Over/Under bets. Therefore, players need to have in-depth research and solid betting experience to easily gain an advantage.

Guide to Reading European Handicap Odds As I explained above, European Handicap consists of three betting odds, corresponding to the result of the home team winning, a draw, and the away team winning. However, to understand how to read European Handicap odds, you need to understand the symbols and how this type of odds is presented on the betting odds board provided by bookmakers, as follows.

For example: When reading European Handicap odds on the betting tips sites you will see three vertical rows corresponding to the three odds. And these three rows will correspond respectively to the home team winning, a draw, and the away team winning. And they will be denoted as 1×2 as follows:

The Most Accurate Tips for Analyzing and Placing European Handicap Bets Placing European Handicap bets is straightforward and easy for the majority of players. However, if you only know how to place bets, it is not enough to secure wins in betting sessions. To accurately predict each European Handicap bet that bookmakers offer, you need to thoroughly research and grasp the essence of the following football betting experiences.

Experience in Choosing the Right Time to Place Bets According to the experience of long-time sports bettors, bookmakers usually fluctuate betting odds over time, especially European Handicap odds. You need to accurately determine these time frames to choose the right time to place bets. For European Handicap betting, experts suggest placing bets 3-5 days before the match. Especially for major matches, this is the most appropriate time frame.

During this period, there will be almost no bookmakers changing the betting odds. Usually, if there are any changes, they will wait until the day of the match to continuously adjust the odds. Understanding this rule will help you adapt to changes in the betting odds. And with a well-timed betting strategy based on the experiences of experts, you will find it easier to win in betting sessions.

According to the experience of football betting experts, the most important thing is still to find out how many times the two teams have competed against each other in the past? Next is the overall outcome up to the present time?

Information about the history of head-to-head matches is an important basis for more accurate assessments, just spend 1 minute to look up and you will have detailed information. Understanding this information will not only help with this type of bet but also with all other types of bets.

Experience in Choosing Reputable Bookmakers for soccer prediction algorithm Among all the people who participate in and love sports betting, asking anyone what is most important in football betting is? I believe that all answers will be to choose a reputable bookmaker to bet with confidence. If, unfortunately, you choose a bookmaker that offers nothing, you not only lose money but also waste time, and ultimately you will still be the one who suffers.

For long-time players, they will always choose large bookmakers such as: FB88, W88, Fun88... And some other reputable bookmakers to place bets. These are the first bookmakers to operate in the Vietnamese betting market. They deserve to be the names for you to trust when choosing football betting entertainment, especially European Handicap betting online.


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